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Sid Dickens has been capturing the imagination of art lovers for almost three decades with his delightful Memory Blocks. These collectable wall plaques each portray a specific theme in an elegant and beautiful way, with a short inscription on the rear providing further context to the piece. As a result, they have become hugely popular with collectors across the globe. Sid Dickens Memory Blocks are sought-after with some tiles difficult to find, but if you’re trying to source one which is not listed on our website please contact us.

As official stockists, we have an extensive range of Sid Dickens Memory Blocks. From his most recently released collections to previously retired and limited edition blocks, whether you are an established collector or entirely new to the wondrous world of Sid Dickens, we are confident you will find the perfect piece for you.

Sid Dickens’ 2023 Fall Collection

sid dickens memory blocks

Sid Dickens’ Fall 2023 Collection transports us to the idyllic countryside, where nature surrounds us and peace is in the air with the autumn harvest.

Escape to meadows of bountiful fruit trees, where the buzzing of dutiful honeybees and the beauty of Swans grace our senses with their presence. Under leafy canopies, live today to its fullest and hope for an even better tomorrow. Like grapes on a vine maturing into a fine wine, we too can grow into better versions of ourselves with each new day.

With time, patience, and care, plants blossom from seedlings to trees full of life. Sid’s new release for the fall season reminds us to celebrate our accomplishments of the past and growth for the future. Reap the fruits of your labour and cheers to the turning of a new page.

  • Sid Dickens - 2023 Fall Collection - T602 Grapevine - Front

    T602 Grapevine by Sid Dickens

  • Sid Dickens - 2023 Fall Collection - T603 Olive Tree - Front

    T603 Olive Tree by Sid Dickens

  • Sid Dickens - 2023 Fall Collection - T604 Hope - Front

    T604 Hope by Sid Dickens

  • Sid Dickens - 2023 Fall Collection - T605 Fig - Front

    T605 Fig by Sid Dickens

  • Sid Dickens - 2023 Fall Collection - T608 Odette - Front

    T608 Odette by Sid Dickens


Sid Dickens’ The Paradise Collection

sid dickens memory blocks

Escape to paradise with Sid’s newest release! The playful colours of these pieces transport us to a faraway land, one where the flora and fauna are exotic and excite our imaginations.

From the Peacock’s majestic tail to the delightful call of the Parrot, priceless experiences in both sight and sound can be found. Butterflies grace us with colours galore while the humble bumblebee buzzes around endlessly with the job at hand. The Kingfisher reminds us to live for adventure, whether it is the sea or air that calls us. Lastly, the blue Peony, full of hidden secrets, is saved for the trusted and most loyal of friends.

This collection is inspired by the nature of lands unknown, filled with adventures for those ready to see the world that awaits outside their doors. Take the plunge!

  • T601 Echo

    T601 Echo by Sid Dickens


Sid Dickens’ 2023 SPRING Collection

sid dickens memory blocks

Sid Dickens’ new Spring 2023 release is full of bright images, uplifting us with its colourful palette for the new season. As winter fades, nature’s beauty beckons us to behold all there is to admire in the outside world and to find inspiration in its splendour.

The bright colours of spring showcased in “Fiori” and “Fresh Beginnings” symbolise the possibilities of each new day. Like a loud symphony, nature demands our attention with its striking appearances in “Nature’s Song.” The remarkable feats accomplished by “Hummingbirds” show us that we are capable of anything regardless of any limitations standing in our way.

The wreath of flowers encircling the “Fleur-de-Lis Cross” represent endless and unconditional love. The purity of a newborn’s smile – a life that is just beginning – represents the infinite aspirations this world has to offer. Freedom is evoked in the strong gallop of the winged horses, qualities much needed for those daring to seek out their dreams. Lastly, a reimagined version of “Heart Lock” rounds out the collection with Sid’s classic blonde finish.

The Spring 2023 Collection showcases a new chapter of life filled with purpose and determination. As winter’s darkness wears away, the time to take hold of everything life has to offer is upon us. The season to thrive is now, where all our aspirations are within reach as we approach the new year head on.

  • T585 Sid Dickens - Fresh Beginnings

    T585 Fresh Beginnings by Sid Dickens

  • T590 Sid Dickens Natures Song

    T590 Nature’s Song by Sid Dickens


Sid Dickens’ Queen Elizabeth II

sid dickens memory block 

By popular demand, Sid Dickens has commemorated the life of Queen Elizabeth II with a new Memory Block.

In honour of her memory and her amazing 70 years on the British throne, Sid has captured the Queen’s love for colour that was apparent in her choice of dress. This Memory Block is an ode to the beloved sovereign, a champion of tradition, and an inspiration to us all.

Rare sid dickens
memory blocks

All good things must come to an end, which is the fate experienced by a number of Memory Blocks. These tiles are no longer in production and can often be difficult to find.

  • RareAncient Cross, Sid Dickens 1

    T489 Ancient Cross by Sid Dickens

  • RareMemoire, Sid Dickens

    T492 Memoire by Sid Dickens

  • RareSid Dickens - T502 Endless Gift - Front

    T502 Endless Gift by Sid Dickens

  • RareVibrant, Sid Dickens

    SP14 Vibrant by Sid Dickens

  • RareSweet Beauty, Sid Dickens

    T505 Sweet Beauty by Sid Dickens

  • RareDestiny (Black), Sid Dickens

    T205BLK Destiny (Black) by Sid Dickens

  • RareNest, Sid Dickens

    T370 Nest by Sid Dickens

  • RareHope, Sid Dickens

    T410 Hope by Sid Dickens

  • RareKinship, Sid Dickens

    T448 Kinship by Sid Dickens

  • RareSid Dickins Embroidery

    T533 Embroidery by Sid Dickens

  • RareSid Dickins Elegance

    T531 Elegance by Sid Dickens


displaying your
memory blocks

a simple guide

Displaying your Sid Dickens Memory Blocks couldn’t be any more straight forward. You don’t require a frame – simply insert a nail or screw into your wall and hang your Memory Block using the specially-designed opening found on the back of each tile.

Memory Blocks are a versatile piece of art whose size and shape allows them to be displayed in various ways, giving you the freedom to express your collection as you please. A single Memory Block will fit in areas that other artwork may not, whereas displaying many tiles together will make for a stunning focal point in any room. As your collection grows you can change your display accordingly, adopting any number of patterns and sequences.

Sid Dickens memory block
Sid Dickens memory block
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