Sid Dickens – The Harmony Collection

Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

Our love of Sid Dickens and his amazing Memory Blocks will come as no surprise to those who frequent Attico. We are massive fans and the release of a new collection is always met with much excitement. His newest project – The Harmony Collection – becomes available next month and as you can imagine we simply cannot wait!

Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

Whilst we are already convinced of their brilliance, we appreciate that many people haven’t even heard of Memory Blocks (something we’re doing our very best to rectify!) so here’s a brief explanation for the uninitiated. Sid Dickens is a Canadian artist who has been creating collectable wall plaques called Memory Blocks since 1994. Each Memory Block features an image that represents a certain theme with a short inscription on the back offering a poetic explanation.

We obviously adore them however we are certainly not alone in that feeling. Memory Blocks are in high demand – famous collectors include Elton John, Liv Tyler, Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana & Phil Collins – with many limited edition and retired tiles proving difficult to get your hands on. 

Sid Dickens UK Stockists

At Attico we are so privileged to be one of only three official stockists of Sid Dickens Memory Blocks in the UK. We have been offering Memory Blocks in-store and online for three years and throughout that time they have developed a strong following amongst our customer base in the South of England. It’s truly lovely to see so many people within the local community start their own collection.

We love hearing about the different ways in which our customers choose to display theirs. Each Memory Block is 6×8 inches which allows them to be utilised in so many different, inventive ways. They are small enough to fit where other pieces of art may not and definitely look fantastic on their own. However, if you have multiple tiles they can be combined to create a truly beautiful focal point on any wall.

Whilst a popular purchase for those looking to add to their existing collection, Memory Blocks also make for lovely, thoughtful gifts. The themes and imagery expressed throughout the entire range offers a wide variety of options, presenting an opportunity to find the perfect piece to celebrate a specific occasion or commemorate your relationship with that special someone.

The Harmony Collection

The Sid Dickens’ Spring 2021 celebrates the harmony of nature and the arts that refreshes our lives and nourishes our souls

Spring 2021 will see the much-anticipated release of The Harmony Collection which contains six gorgeous new Memory Blocks:

Sid Dickens Memory Block - Embroidery

Embroidery – Delicate meandering threads, embellished fabric with intertwining patterns.

Sid Dickens Memory Block - Love Lock

Love Lock – Holder of my secrets, my heart is yours, now and forever more.

Sid Dickens Memory Block - Elegance

Elegance – Embracing the rhythm of the sounds, I dance to the music of my heart.

Sid Dickens Memory Block - Passion

Passion – Carefree and colourful, fluttering ebulliently, spreading joy and delight.

Sid Dickens Memory Block - Rhythm

Rhythm – Pure and undiluted, evoking cherished memories, fueling spirit and soul.

Sid Dickens Memory Block - Clematis

Clematis – Like wandering vines, venturing to new heights, bloom in the Sun’s light.

The Harmony Collection is available for preorder now and is due to be in store early March. We expect these to be very popular, so if you’re interested in getting your hands on one we strongly recommend placing your order now to avoid disappointment!

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