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Sid Dickens Memory Blocks
There aren’t many things that generate more excitement in Attico than the release of a new Sid Dickens collection. His Memory Blocks are a firm favourite amongst our team and customers, and as one of the few Sid Dickens stockists in the UK we are privileged to always have a wide range available. So you can only imagine the scenes when an email from Sid Dickens HQ dropped into our inbox announcing that there are not one, but two new collections on the horizon! It was most certainly a welcome surprise.
The Season of Change is Sid’s Fall 2021 collection in which he depicts the transition from the Summer’s energetic liveliness to the peaceful calm of Autumn in his own unique and beautiful way. Comforting and serene images are accompanied by positive messages inspiring strength and resilience – a most worthwhile and much-needed sentiment that we’re sure will resonate with many.

Arriving mid-September, The Season of Change contains eight amazing new Memory Blocks, each one offering its own charming take on the theme.


Ceiling Rose

Its beauty draws our gaze.
The ancient rose assures confidence
To speak your truths freely.



To stand, to fall,
With the inner strength
To persevere through it all.



Leader of the pack,
Conquering the impossible;
Your stoic courage, an inspiration.


Nature’s Glory

Growing in harmony
With an abundance and virtue,
Uniting humanity with its bounty.

Sid Dickens - The Season of Change Collection

The Season of Change Collection


Noble Stag

Ruler of the wilderness
Beneath a crown of antlers,
Dauntless in his stance.


Peace (Olive Branch)

An olive branch to thyself,
A peace offering for all endured.
With inner tranquillity, I rejoice.


The Three Graces

Joy, elegance, and beauty;
A reminder of all that is good.


When Pigs Fly

With a little imagination,
Anything is possible.

Also on the way is this year’s Holiday Collection, containing three Memory Blocks which embody the feelings of joy and warmth that the spirit of Christmas inspires in so many people. Commemorating the end of another year, this collection celebrates the importance of the festive period and the emotional and spiritual connections that are associated with the Winter months.

The 2021 Christmas Holiday Collection is also arriving mid-September, however will only be available for a short period as they will be retired as of December 1st. These Memory Blocks will make a wonderful addition to any collection, so get your order in early to make sure you don’t miss out!


Celestial Guardian

Protector of my spirit,
Under your watchful guidance,
I am safe.



Betwixt a crimson cap
And a snowy beard,
The mirthful face of Christmas cheer.


The Three Magi

With gold, frankincense, and Myrrh,
We gather in honour
To welcome divinity amongst us.

Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

We know you’ll be just as excited about these amazing new Sid Dickens Memory Blocks as we are. Whether you’re a seasoned Sid Dickens collector or looking to get your hands on your first ever one, these new collections are full of fantastic options that we’re sure you’ll fall in love with. The Season of Change and the Holiday Collection are available now for pre-order via our website or by visiting us in store.

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