Sid Dickens 2022 Spring Collection

Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

Spring is a truly lovely time of year and it brings with it something for everyone to enjoy. Nature roars back into life full of vigour as trees grow new leaves and flowers bloom. The sun starts to show its face more frequently and daylight stops disappearing by 4pm. Birds return from their annual holiday to the southern hemisphere and fill the air with their beautiful songs. Bulky winter jackets go back into storage and the central heating finally gets a rest.

All of these things provide a very welcome change from the dreary and drab conditions of winter. However, here at Attico, one event stands head and shoulders above the rest as our absolute favourite thing about this time of year – the release of the Sid Dickens Spring Collection!

Every year Sid creates a stunning selection of Memory Blocks that embody the captivating enchantment of springtime in a way that only he can. This year’s collection takes inspiration from the transformations brought by the dawning spring, encouraging us to revel in the changing environment and embrace the lessons it can teach us.

These elegant new designs are sure to be a hit with Sid Dickens aficionados and brand new fans alike. Whether you are adding to your existing collection of Memory Blocks or making your first foray into the world of Sid Dickens, the 2022 Spring Collection features gorgeous artwork and meaningful messages that will certainly strike a chord with people from all walks of life.


Sweet Melody

Calling out for all to hear,
Beautiful and endearing,
Nature’s most delightful song.


Fearless Wanderer

Enjoy the adventures of life
At a pace all your own.


Tiger Lilies

Bold and triumphant,
Nature’s vibrant reminder
To take pride in all you do!



Fear change nevermore,
A new beginning awaits.
Revel in the transformation!


Lady Justice

In her eyes, we are equal:
Impartial to our differences,
Fairness and opportunity for all.



The future is in your hands;
Manifest your vision,
Imagine the possibilities.

The 2022 Spring Collection is available for purchase in store at our gift shop in Bournemouth or via our website. As well as this new collection our wide range of Sid Dickens Memory Blocks also includes many limited edition and retired tiles. Browse our selection online or pop in and pay us a visit in Westbourne Arcade the next time you’re passing.

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