Retiring Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

May 31st will see an increase in the exclusivity of a number of Sid Dickens Memory Blocks. Every year Sid assesses his collection as a whole and selects the tiles that he feels have run their course or no longer fit into his collection as a whole. These selected Memory Blocks are then retired, which means going forward they’ll no longer be produced. This immediately results in these specific tiles becoming increasingly sought-after by Sid Dickens fans across the globe.

As they find their way into the hands of collectors, retired Memory blocks can become very difficult to obtain, causing their value to rise. In many cases they will exchange hands for significantly more than they were worth before their retirement.

The retirement of these blocks is a fantastic opportunity to get your hands on a tile that will be joining the ranks of other rare and in demand tiles. If you’ve had your eye on a specific tile and haven’t got around to adding it to your collection, this may well be your last chance.

Sid Dickens Memory Blocks For Sale

The good news is that we’re fortunate enough to have a selection of these soon-to-be-retired Memory Blocks available for purchase. As you can imagine however, demand is high and stock is limited. If you’re interested in any of our retiring Sid Dickens Memory Blocks we strongly recommend you get your order in sooner rather than later!

Amongst those retiring Memory Blocks sure to be popular with our local Dorset customer base, as well as our online customers are the tiles from the 25th Anniversary Collection:

Nautical Star - Retiring Sid Dickens Memory BlockNature’s compass pointing the way to one’s own path, illuminating the hidden truth

Griffin - Retiring Sid Dickens Memory BlockResilience and fortitude come forth through courage and strength held within
Filigree - Retiring Sid Dickens Memory BlockThreads of elegance and strength, an intricate depiction of our bond

Courage Dear Heart - Retiring Sid Dickens Memory BlockLove withstands all

We are proud to be an official UK stockist of Sid Dickens tiles. Whether you’re already an established collector or you’re keen to make your first foray into the beautiful and mesmerising world of these lovely wall tiles, you can purchase from us safe in the knowledge that you’re ordering a genuine, authentic Sid Dickens Memory Block.

If you want to learn more about Sid Dickens and his Memory Blocks, our sister site The Ran Gallery has a blog post all about it!

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