British Collectors’ Steiff Bear 2022

The 2022 release of the incredibly sought-after British Collectors’ Teddy Bear is your chance to get your hands on a truly exquisite Steiff Bear. Created exclusively for British and Irish customers, these bears make for the perfect keepsake gift to a loved one or as an addition to an already established collection.


Purchase online here, visit us at our Westbourne Gift Shop or call us on 01202 769777. We will be delighted to help you.

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Out of stock


Inspired by the original Steiff Bears from the early 1900’s, the British Collectors’ Teddy Bear 2022 successfully conveys all of the warmth and magic that was a defining characteristic of the very first Steiff Bears all of those years ago. His luxurious mohair coat and exceptional craftsmanship delivers the premium experience that we have all come to expect from Steiff. As you admire his adorable bow, make sure to give him a squeeze to hear his comforting growl.

With only 2,000 British Collectors’ Steiff Bears made available each year they never stay on the shelf for long – order today to ensure you don’t miss out!


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