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All good things must come to an end, which is the fate experienced by a number of Memory Blocks. These tiles are no longer in production and can often be difficult to find.

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  • RareSid Dickins Elegance

    T531 Elegance by Sid Dickens

  • RareSid Dickins Embroidery

    T533 Embroidery by Sid Dickens

  • RareKinship, Sid Dickens

    T448 Kinship by Sid Dickens

  • RareHope, Sid Dickens

    T410 Hope by Sid Dickens

  • RareNest, Sid Dickens

    T370 Nest by Sid Dickens

  • RareDestiny (Black), Sid Dickens

    T205BLK Destiny (Black) by Sid Dickens

  • RareSweet Beauty, Sid Dickens

    T505 Sweet Beauty by Sid Dickens

  • RareVibrant, Sid Dickens

    SP14 Vibrant by Sid Dickens

  • RareSid Dickens - T502 Endless Gift - Front

    T502 Endless Gift by Sid Dickens

  • RareMemoire, Sid Dickens

    T492 Memoire by Sid Dickens

  • RareAncient Cross, Sid Dickens 1

    T489 Ancient Cross by Sid Dickens


Sid Dickens has been capturing the imagination of art lovers for almost three decades with his delightful Memory Blocks. These collectable wall plaques each portray a specific theme in an elegant and beautiful way, with a short inscription on the rear providing further context to the piece. As a result, they have become hugely popular with collectors across the globe. Sid Dickens Memory Blocks are sought-after with some tiles difficult to find, but if you’re trying to source one which is not listed on our website please contact us.

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