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2023 Fall Collection

Sid Dickens’ Fall 2023 Collection transports us to the idyllic countryside, where nature surrounds us and peace is in the air with the autumn harvest.

Escape to meadows of bountiful fruit trees, where the buzzing of dutiful honeybees and the beauty of Swans grace our senses with their presence. Under leafy canopies, live today to its fullest and hope for an even better tomorrow. Like grapes on a vine maturing into a fine wine, we too can grow into better versions of ourselves with each new day.

With time, patience, and care, plants blossom from seedlings to trees full of life. Sid’s new release for the fall season reminds us to celebrate our accomplishments of the past and growth for the future. Reap the fruits of your labour and cheers to the turning of a new page.

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  • Sid Dickens - 2023 Fall Collection - T608 Odette - Front

    T608 Odette by Sid Dickens

  • Sid Dickens - 2023 Fall Collection - T605 Fig - Front

    T605 Fig by Sid Dickens

  • Sid Dickens - 2023 Fall Collection - T604 Hope - Front

    T604 Hope by Sid Dickens

  • Sid Dickens - 2023 Fall Collection - T603 Olive Tree - Front

    T603 Olive Tree by Sid Dickens

  • Sid Dickens - 2023 Fall Collection - T602 Grapevine - Front

    T602 Grapevine by Sid Dickens


Sid Dickens has been capturing the imagination of art lovers for almost three decades with his delightful Memory Blocks. These collectable wall plaques each portray a specific theme in an elegant and beautiful way, with a short inscription on the rear providing further context to the piece. As a result, they have become hugely popular with collectors across the globe. Sid Dickens Memory Blocks are sought-after with some tiles difficult to find, but if you’re trying to source one which is not listed on our website please contact us.

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