Philippa Burnard – Book Sculpture Artist

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If you’ve visited our brand new premises since we reopened you’ll have seen our window display featuring work of the incredibly talented Philippa Burnard. She is one of our absolute favourite local artists and we know that her fantastic book sculptures are equally as adored by so many of our customers.


Philippa creates unique paper-crafted sculptures, inspired by her love of vintage & antique treasures and classic stories, combining these influences with truly beautiful results. By collecting unusual objects that have been long discarded by their original owners, she delights in giving them a new lease of life within her artwork.

Using old books as both canvas and content, Philippa begins by deconstructing them in order to explore the books on an intimate level. This process inspires the meticulous selection of objects and illustrations, which are typically discovered at car boot sales, auctions, antique shops and vintage fairs, that will become a part of the sculpture.

Coral Island - Philippa Burnard

Reconstructing the book, including carving the pages, requires an incredible amount of time and effort to ensure every single detail appears exactly as Philippa imagined. The end result is the integration of each element into one unified piece, bringing Philippa’s vision to life and telling a brand new story.

Philippa employs a unique mixed media technique which, when combined with a carefully selected colour palette, produces stunning and extraordinary works of art. Each book sculpture is one of a kind and presented encased within a glass fronted box or glass dome – perfect for putting on display.

Attico has the huge honour of being the exclusive stockist of Philippa Burnard artwork. If you’re interested in getting your hands on an original book sculpture or you just want to have a closer look at these whimsical creations, please pop by and visit us at Westbourne Arcade! Alternatively we do have a very limited selection available for purchase via our website, which you can view by clicking here.

Follow Philippa on Instagram to stay up to date with her recent activity and ongoing projects.

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