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Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

If you’ve ever visited us in-store (and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?!) you’ll be aware of our love of all things quirky, unusual and fabulous. We pride ourselves on offering a unique shopping experience like no other and we’re confident that our customers will find something they’ve never seen before on each visit! Our experience in selling a range of delightful and rare items has led to us developing specialist knowledge in art, antiques and jewellery amongst other things. We want to utilise this knowledge to help you!

We regularly have customers excitedly telling us all about the weird and wonderful items they have at home, typically followed by the question: “do you think it’s worth anything?” Our response is usually something along the lines of “we don’t know without seeing it, however, we’d love to find out for you!” So we knew we had to do something about it!

Visit Attico for your Item Valuation

We’re delighted to say we’ve arranged a regular event at which you’ll have the chance to bring your various trinkets and treasures along to the store where we’ll perform a valuation. From now on, the first Saturday of every month will see the return of Attico Buys! Simply visit us at 23 Westbourne Arcade with your prized possession between 11am and 1pm and we’ll inspect it, do a bit of research and let you know how much we think it’s worth. We’ll always make our best efforts to provide an accurate valuation, and if we don’t have a clue we’ll be the first to admit it!

Our expert knowledge covers a wide range of items including:

  • Art
  • Antiques
  • Jewellery (including any broken gold and silver jewellery)
  • Garden Sculptures
  • Old Books
  • Maps
  • Coins
  • Medals
  • Any other oddities and curios

Discovering what types of items are sought-after and potentially valuable can often be surprising. A piece of jewellery inherited from a family member, the painting that’s been stored in your attic forever, an old Sid Dickens memory block, a collection of unusual coins, a pair of antique candlesticks you found at a car boot sale. Things you see as junk may actually turn out to be a hidden gem.

Of course it could also be the case that you have an item you know is rare and valuable and simply want to get it valued either out of curiosity, or as you plan to sell it. Bring it along and we’ll do our best to confirm its authenticity and offer an accurate valuation.

Decluttering Your Home?

Looking to declutter a certain room or your entire house and don’t want to accidentally get rid of something valuable? We can visit your property and check your belongings to ensure nothing of worth finds its way into the bin. Using our vast experience in the area of arts, antiques, jewellery and other pieces of note we will perform a detailed inspection of your items and provide valuations for anything significant or valuable. This allows you to avoid unsuspectingly discarding family heirlooms, rare artwork and any other precious treasures you may have.

Whether in store or during a home visit if you’re interested in selling your item, and we think it’s something our customers may be interested in, we’ll be happy to offer a fair purchase price, offering you the opportunity to make some immediate cash! If you’d prefer to manage the sale yourself, we can also offer a commissioned gallery sale.

Attico Buys

So if you’re hoping to make some extra money, need expert advice on the potential value of one or more items or you’re simply hoping to clear some room by decluttering your home, we can help! Pop by on the first Saturday of each month between 11am – 1pm with your item of interest, or get in touch to arrange a home visit, and we’ll do our best to put a value on your prized possession!

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