Antique Ephemera for the Perfect Unique Christmas Present

Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

We are utterly obsessed with discovering items that are quirky, unusual and just completely unlike anything you’d typically expect to find in a gift shop. Our eyes and ears are forever alert to any potentially wonderful findings. If you have ever visited us in store you’ll know that we have been very successful in this pursuit of odd, unconventional and extraordinary curios. Over the years some incredible items have made their way into the hands of very happy customers via Attico. From unique artwork and exquisite antiques to spectacular sculptures and fabulous furniture, our shelves have housed a tremendously diverse selection. And our latest discovery may well be up there as some of the most exciting pieces we have ever had the pleasure of stocking.

When it comes to collectables, keepsakes and other items of interest ephemera has always fascinated us. By definition they are items that were originally created to serve a single, specific purpose with no reason to be retained beyond that. Letters and such that, at the time, typically held little interest to impartial parties. Yet, for whatever reason, some of these items have been preserved and for those in the present they offer an intriguing glimpse into the past. So you can imagine how excited we were to come across a fantastic collection of antique ephemera!

The contents of this collection are incredible and we are sure there is going to be a huge amount of interest in them from collectors and non-collectors alike. This assortment of delightful ephemera includes pieces such as:

  • Handwritten letter with envelope, both featuring charming Alice in Wonderland designs. Dating back to 1878 the letter sheet and envelope are both incredibly rare, with the letter sheet potentially being one-of-a-kind.
  • Christmas letter and envelope handwritten in 1879 by the future King, Edward VII! This incredible piece comes with a letter from Buckingham Palace confirming its authenticity.
  • Original printed Fores envelope, #10 in a series of 10, by Richard “Dickie” Doyle, famed British illustrator. Issued in 1840, this envelope features a captivating Christmas design which parodies the earlier Government-issued Mulready envelope.
  • Large envelope featuring a painting of ‘Mons Meg’, Edinburgh Castle’s famous medieval cannon. Painted by Hugh Rose, this stunning piece was sent to HRH The Prince of Wales in 1912.
Unused Original Fores Christmas Envelope
Original printed Fores envelope by Richard Doyle

These and a number of more just as wonderful pieces are available for purchase via our website or in store at our gift shop in Bournemouth. Viewing them in person is definitely recommended to get a feel for how truly special they are. However, due to the incredibly rare nature of the items we don’t have them on display. If you are interested in acquiring any pieces of ephemera and would like to view them first, please contact us, giving about 24 hours notice before your visit, and we will make the necessary arrangements.

If you have a loved one with an interest in antique ephemera, any item from our collection would make for an incredibly thoughtful Christmas gift – or maybe the perfect Christmas gift for yourself! As well as these amazing pieces, we also have a huge range of fantastic gift ideas available for people of all ages. Come visit us at 23 Westbourne Arcade for a shopping experience like no other!

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